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2017.06 in the 22 Shanghai international exhibition kitchen, bathroom cabinet to Tang color peacock shape as the image of product exhibition debut and received by the Foshan Municipal Sanitary Ware Industry Association Design Committee with the Foshan Quality Management Association hosted the third Shanghai kitchen contest organizing committee awarded the "2017 outstanding product design award".

2016.10 by the China Architectural Decoration Association as "China's top 100 kitchen and bathroom", bathroom cabinets enterprises ten.

2015.11, Tang won the seventh China bathroom list "China bathroom cabinet product gold medal"".

2014.03, China's overall home alliance awarded Foshan City home bathroom Co., Ltd., China's overall home alliance chairman units",

2013.10, Tang won the Fifth China sanitary ware industry "China's ten largest leisure bathroom brand" honorary title.

2013.03, the company won the "Foshan bathroom cabinet vice president unit" honorary title.

2012, Tang won the fourth China sanitary ware industry "China's ten largest bathroom cabinet brand" honorary title.

2011.05 Tang Choi won the "China green building materials products", "China construction focus on promoting the application of products" title, the company won the "national quality credit AA enterprise", "national residential dwellings designated supply units".

2010.11, Tang won the national qualified assessment, "quality trustworthy building materials products", "National Science and technology innovation, green, low-carbon, energy-saving and quality products", "3.15 national consumer satisfaction" ten brands".

2010.08, Tang won the "China's ten largest bathroom cabinet brand", the company won the "leisure sanitary ware enterprise top 10" title.

2009.03, the company won the "China's kitchen and bath hundred new enterprises", the same year to enable the new Tang color bathroom furniture VI system.

2008.02, the entire product system upgrade, reform, factory integration under two brands: Tang color bathroom furniture and ROCM legislation home bathroom, the same year "Tang color" brand stores officially launched.

2007.08, the first selection of China's bathroom industry won the "bathroom furniture leader enterprise" title.

2006.12, "home bathroom brand" won the "China famous brand" and "China green environmental protection brand" title.

2006 companies and Foshan Ao Lai bathroom Co., Ltd. strong joint efforts to establish a new "Li Jia bathroom" limited.

2005.08 enterprises through the SO9001-2000 quality management system certification, increase bathroom furniture products line.

2005.07, with the consumer's higher quality needs, "Tang color" brand "Yao" birth.

In 2005.01 the company moved to Lishui Town Nanhai District Foshan City Tai Chong Industrial Zone from Gaoming, expand the plant a total area to 20000 square meters.

2004.05 Foshan laahome Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd. from Home Furnishing sinoref group wholly owned complete registration.

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